Executive Committee Meetings

Second Monday of the Month

 Iredell County FOP 365 Dover Road Statesville NC

Our membership is composed of elected and appointed members and officers. Our leadership team is composed of officers elected bi-annually at our party’s convention. Our members also serve on several standing committees (Finance, Events, Governance, Media and Candidates).


Position Office Holder
Chairman Ron “Duck” Wyatt
Vice Chair of Finance Rhonda Waugh
Vice Chair of Org Donald Gullett
Secretary Dustin McCrary
Treasurer Vickie Sawyer
County Finance Steve Johnson
At-Large Scott Clontz
At-Large Steve Ellis
At-Large  Bobbie Youngblood
At-Large  Tom Flyler
At-Large  Raymond Burnette
At Large  Buddy Hemric
North Area Captain  John Allen
South Area Captain Maureen Purcell
East Area Captain Brad Pick
West Area Captain Jeff McNeely
Statesville Area Captain  Gene Houpe
Mooresville Area Captain Karen Karty
Immediate Past Chair (appointed) Rhonda Waugh
13th At-Large  Scottie Brown
13th At-Large  Cathy Dillon
13th At-Large  Ray Hayes
At-Large  Bill Hamby
13th At-Large  Robin Nicholson
13th At-Large  David Coble
 10th At-Large  Dough Knight
 At Large Doug Holland
 13th – At Large  Bradley