Guns and Gumbo

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Guns and Gumbo Shooting Competition Rules of Play

The competition will be composed of three divisions as follows.

  • Turkey Shoot – An open competition for men and women using a 12 gauge shot gun. Shooter will aim at target from designated point, be given 3 attempts and winner will be determined by number of pellets that hit inside the target’s circle. If the line is broken, than that is consider a point. Ammo will be provided.
  • Piston Division – An open competition will be determined by the most bullets in the circle. In case of a tie, the shooters will compete in a sudden death shot off with one attempt and winner determined by closest to the bullseye.
  • Team Division – 4 person team will compete in an obstacle course designed by the Iredell County Sherriff’s department. Winner will be determined by the team that has the most accurate shots with a cumulative score. In case of a tie, the teams will compete in a head-to-head tie breaker.


The Top Shot of Iredell County will be determined by the Man or Woman who has the most highest cumulative score in the Shot Gun and the Pistol Competition.

Each division will pay out $150.00 for winner.

Top Shot of Iredell County will receive trophy and $200.00 in prize money.